Approximately 50% of all

Books are Written by
a Handful of Professional Writers!


The reason why so many people who have something valuable to share in a book never get theirs completed is...


The truth is, it would take much longer to complete the job, and the

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finished product (if ever actually completed) would NOT stand up to a professional's level of workmanship.

A craftsman becomes a professional because he/she works at honing their craft month-after-month, year-after-year. This factor alone puts the true professional in a category all their own as they simply become EXPERT at what they do. This is why we hire them to make high quality products for us, and this analogy is no different with book writing.

There are many reasons for having a professional writer produce your book...

Besides getting your book actually completed once and for all, IF A TRUE PROFESSIONAL WRITER IS UTILIZED (one that not only has honed his craft but has the innate ability to recreate the voice of the author and hold an audience in earnest interest) THE FINISHED PRODUCT WILL BE THE BEST IT COULD POSSIBLY BE - A PRODUCT THAT ONLY A GREAT WRITER COULD PRODUCE.

There are Only a Handful of Good Writers
Simply having a good idea is not enough to be published. It takes a well written piece that is a marketable, sellable product in which others can gain some value from.

Look what PR and Marketing expert, Doug Hay, has to say about Mr. Nahas' writing:
"I've worked with Robert S. Nahas in the past and know, first hand, that he is an excellent writer, always producing very professional work. But with this most recent book project, Bob proved to be in a league of top quality writers that few have attained. He can produce saleable manuscripts and books on a consistent basis. It is always a pleasure working with him and I am pleased to recommend his writing services with my highest and most sincere approval." Doug Hay -

Having a Good Writer is Vital
Robert S. Nahas is part of an extraordinary group of great writers. He has much experience writing books and has helped others' dreams become a reality.

His knowledge of the different options available today with printing and publishing books as well as the choices in marketing and promoting them is just another invaluable asset to his service that increases the potential of the author's goals.

Having a guide that can lead one through the morass of issues and options in the entire evolution from the spontaneous ideas scribbled on paper to publishing is an invaluable "extra" that you get from this writer.

Your Book Can Finally be Written This Year!
Don't wait another day to start your book, get it written by a true professional writer and share your dream with the world...

Mr. Nahas is currently accepting submissions for consideration of his next collaboration or ghost write. DON'T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY TO HAVE ONE OF THE BEST WRITERS WRITE YOUR BOOK.

Send an e-mail with a brief description of your book idea or simply request to be contacted and Mr. Nahas, himself, will contact you as he insists on speaking directly to anyone he considers a possible client for a book.

A good writer makes all the difference!
Your book can be on its way to the printer in as little as a few months! Don't put it off any longer.

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