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The success or failure of a business is directly proportionate to its ability to communicate.

This is a powerful axiom, yet few executives ever take FULL advantage of this reality. When you think about it...

Every activity in business involves a communication of one kind or another. Sales communication goes out in return for the communication of orders. Product is sent out in return for the flow of money. Anything that flows from one person, place or thing to another is a communication.

Whether the communication flows within the company's walls from employee-to-employee, to the public (business-to-consumer) or to other businesses (business-to-business), the effectiveness of the communication will dictate whether the outcome will be positive or negative.

A perfect example would be with a sales department: great communication produces great response while poor communication creates poor response. In the same manner, a perfectly orchestrated business letter, Web site copy, articles, etc. can move mountains while average, typical or ones will produce the antithesis - no effect, or even worse. Read on to find out what else can happen...

The Power of the Written Word
The written word is the most impacting means of communication. The reader takes a written piece very seriously, and ruthlessly holds the author responsible for any imperfections of grammar and proper literary composition. These mistakes greatly impinge on the overall perspective of the writer and can damage one's reputation irreparably. Just the same, excellent writing can impress others and when done precisely, can persuade anyone to do almost anything.

Business letters, proposals, business plans and other written business communication are a company's most powerful tool to opening new doors and keeping old relationships solidly bound in loyalty. But these written pieces are a double edge sword that can strike back with damaging results. You see...

The smallest of errs can weaken years of founded trust with a single poorly written composition. On the other side, superbly written business communication can impress and solidify relationships as superb writing is a rare commodity that commands respect and admiration.

The Common Mistake
The most common mistake that CEO's, executives and business owners of all kinds make, is to assume they are a great writer. This is as deadly as those who are tone-deaf that think they can sing or those who consider themselves to be very funny comedians when they, in fact, are not. Just a few bad notes or a couple of poorly executed jokes can turn a friendly audience into an unruly mob within just a few seconds.

For whatever reason, there are certain things in life where the tolerance level of our fellows is close to zero, and writing is at the top of this chastising list. And to be blunt...

Just because an executive is very intelligent and knowledgeable does not mean they are, or can, write like a professional writer. If this were true, then there would be no professional writers as there would be no demand for the services of this profession. The fact is, great writers are in great demand and set companies and individuals apart from the pack on a daily basis through their expertise.

And just as a professional writer does not typically know how to run a company or manage a team of juniors, business executives should not expect to know how to write like a pro. People are proficient in definitive areas. This is what makes people, and life, interesting.

GREAT PROFESSIONAL WRITERS CREATE INCREDIBLE WRITTEN WORKS - that's what we do for a living. It is as plain and simple as this: painters paint; employers employ, executives execute and writers write…

Just as an audience of music lovers hold a talented vocalist dear to their hearts and would throw tomatoes (if they had them) at those who cannot sing, the reader holds dearly the profoundly written word in its perfected manner and is insulted and angered by the poorly articulated author - no matter who it is!

The All Encompassing Solution
People equate poorly articulated written communication as a lack of intelligence. This, in business, is obviously quite lethal as no one will do business with someone who appears to be incompetent. Therefore, business letters, business plans, business proposals and memorandums, ad infinitum, should be written (or at least edited by) a GREAT professional business writer.

Robert S. Nahas has been writing for fortune 500 companies and other businesses, large and small, for over 25 years.

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