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How Much Does it Cost to Have a Book Written?





Caveat Emptor is a Latin phrase meaning "Let the buyer beware!"

There is a misunderstanding in the way books are created from someone's life story, a great idea, to teach others how to do something or any number of other possible reasons why there may be a desire for having a book written.

On a regular basis, I am approached by individuals who have a wonderful idea for a book. But they possess a perspective that professional writers are in a constant search to find great ideas to write about and therefor will write their story without pay in hopes of making great returns after the book has been released to the world. But this is simply not the way books get written. Learn how to get a book written>>>

First of all, no worthy writer possessing any writing ability would ever work on speculation (work now, get paid later) in the same way that anyone with integrity would ever work for a company without pay for one year in hopes that the company becomes successful, and perhaps then, receive a paycheck.

Simply put, writers need to eat, have a roof over their heads and pay taxes just like everyone else in this work-a-day world we live in. And their survival is to create and write all day in exchange for pay. So the most fundamental thing to understand is that writers would not be able to survive without their exchange of payment for their work, no matter how great a book idea one might have, especially when it takes an average of 10 to 14 months to write a polished, sellable book.

With this misconception cleared up...

The cost for having a book written depends on a number of factors:

  • Who writes it - Would you or a professional writer write the book?
  • How long it is - The average book runs from approximately 200 to 400 pages or more, depending whether it is a novel or instructional "How To" piece. The more work involved, the more time the writer has to spend on the project and be compensated.
  • Whether any royalties are involved - On occasion, the writer will wave a percentage of the upfront pay in the chance of making greater returns from residual payments from the book's sales and potential subsequent deals such as silver screen or TV movies.

A rule of thumb that can give you an adea of the cost for getting your book professionally written is to figure between $75 to $175 per page, depending on the above factors.

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If you are serious and determined about making your book a reality and understand that some funding will exist, I would be more than happy to speak with you to discuss your intentions, dreams and goals of your book at no cost to you for a 1/2 hour consultation.

What should I do now?
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