Getting a
Literary Agent
is Easier than
You Might Think.

Literary agents are an integral part of the book sales and publishing world. Therefore you absolutely need to know about literary agents. My third book completes you as an author, one who knows what to do to make it in the literary world.

LITERARY AGENTS: SHOULD YOU HIRE ONE? Are they worth their weight in gold or a lead boot that holds you down? You decide!, educates you on exactly what agents should do for their author clients. You'll know what to expect from them.

Also, just as there are unethical companies posing as publishers, there are ten times as many fake agents that can stop you in your tracks just when you're so close to fulfilling your book dream.

After reading this book you will know whether you need a literary agent or not. And you'll know how to spot the thieves.

Here's more of what you'll find in this book:

  • How much commission agents should get.
  • Exactly what to ask a potential agent when considering one for you.
  • Know when to hire one and when to run from one.
  • Realize the potential of what a GOOD agent can do for you.
  • What to do to protect yourself from being stuck with a dud.
  • How to choose the right agent for you
  • When to definitely not hire an agent
  • The one key question you can ask to make it obvious of the agent's true motives.
  • Know what type of agent to look for for YOUR book
  • How to know which type of agent will get the best results for you.
  • Whether it's best to choose an agent who has many successful clients or to look for something entirely different.
  • and so much more!

This book will help put you in the driver's seat and allow you to succeed with your dream! You'll be able to make educated decisions on what to do, what to avoid and, ultimately, enable you to become a successful author.

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Any one of these books will increase your success potential. But as these three areas (manuscript, agent and publishing) are so significant in the outcome of your career and your book, it is necessary to know all of your options for making the best decisions in achieving your dream. You need to become aware of the dangerous and common pitfalls that can destroy your dream. You must understand what needs to be done for increasing your success rate.

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All of these books, as a combined whole, are designed to give you the information that you MUST know, in straightforward, easy-to-understand fashion. With this information you will be able to protect yourself from predators who seek out unsuspecting authors and ultimately destroy their dreams, not to mention ripping them off financially.

By learning all of this information you can save yourself from throwing away or losing literally thousands of dollars, or even worse... losing your dream of having a successful book!

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