Getting Your Book
Published is Easier
than You Might Think.

Once you have your book written, then what?
There are many important steps that you MUST correctly and systematically follow in order to bring your masterpiece to the world. My second book shows you how to publish your book safely, cost effectively and with confidence that you've made the best publishing decision.

Did you know that you have 5 different publishing options? I let you in on them all. No one will likely ever tell you of them all because of their personal interest in making money on only one of them. People will "let you in on" only the one that serves them financially and disregard any other options, though there is most likely a better one that aligns with your personal goals with your book. Or perhaps they simply do not know of the other 4 options.

This book shows you how to get your book published - no fail! A book only written is an unfinished dream. It's like having a prototype or a model of something that you want to make.

In this book, HOW TO GET YOUR BOOK PUBLISHED: Avoid the pitfalls, know your options and make the best publishing decisions possible for the success of your book!, I reveal all of the ways a book can be published, what they entail, their upsides and their drawbacks.

Likely, the most important thing you will learn is that YOU HAVE OPTIONS, and failure is not one of them! YOU WILL LEARN THAT YOU CAN ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY GET YOUR BOOK PUBLISHED.

And I show you how to avoid getting ripped off by printing companies that PRETEND to be traditional publishers in order to steal the profits that are actually supposed to be yours!

Here's some more of the information that you'll find in my "Publishing" book:

  • What the differences are between self-publishing and traditional publishing.

  • What types of publishing options are available to you.

  • What the pros and cons are in both traditional and self-publishing.

  • How to increase your chances tenfold of being accepted by a major publisher!

  • What you need to do to prepare your book for the printer if you decide to self publish.

  • What the costs are for self publishing.

  • The type of "publisher" you should STAY CLEAR OF at all costs!

  • How to recognize the differences between bona-fide publishers and rip-off vanity presses in disguise.

  • What responsibilities and obligations are still yours if you go the traditional publishing route.

  • What you should expect when dealing with a traditional publisher.

  • How to be able to decide which type of publishing is BEST for you, based on your goals.

  • Learn about a very important aspect of your book that will make the difference between being accepted in every store in America and not being accepted for sale in ALL of the major book chain stores and most other book outlets.

  • How to avoid getting taken advantage of by pseudo-publishers.

  • and so much more!

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Any one of these books will increase your success potential. But as these three areas (manuscript, agent and publishing) are so significant in the outcome of your career and your book, it is necessary to know all of your options for making the best decisions in achieving your dream. You need to become aware of the dangerous and common pitfalls that can destroy your dream. You must understand what needs to be done for increasing your success rate.

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All of these books, as a combined whole, are designed to give you the information that you MUST know, in straightforward, easy-to-understand fashion. With this information you will be able to protect yourself from predators who seek out unsuspecting authors and ultimately destroy their dreams, not to mention ripping them off financially.

By learning all of this information you can save yourself from throwing away or losing literally thousands of dollars, or even worse... losing your dream of having a successful book!

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