Getting Your Book
Written and Published is
Easier than You Might Think!


Does the thought of holding a copy of your own book, looking at its stunning cover and thumbing through the pages make you smile? Does the image of millions of people buying and reading your book send chills down your spine?

Let me show you how you can get your book written and published - even if you're not a writer yourself or you can't afford it!

To get right to the point, these are some of the many issues that you will be able to resolve if you continue reading:

  • How to find a literary agent, one that will work hard for you in establishing a successful career with your book! And how to stay clear of the dishonest ones who will hold you down.

  • How to protect your manuscript or book idea from pirates!

  • How, and where, to find grant money for your book!

  • How to get a book written even if you are not a writer, or if you need professional mentoring, editing or proofreading!

  • Other ways to get your book project funded if you can't afford the expense yourself. This approach includes funding the professional book writer's fee (if you need to hire one to write your book), cover design, printing, distribution and even some of the book's promotional activities.

  • How to get your book published - no fail! This means that you have options, and knowing about them will make all the difference in the success of your book endeavor!

  • How to get your book on - no fail! This is the largest on-line bookstore in the world. I'll show you how to make this happen. It's actually easy once you know how!

  • How to save yourself from Vanity Presses that are posing as traditional publishers. Don't let them squash your dream!

  • Who you should present your book idea to if you don't want to get it written yourself. I'll give you one hint: It's NOT a writer!

  • and so much more...

I've included solutions to all of the key barriers aspiring authors face. I want to help you achieve your dream. The information I provide you is what you HAVE TO KNOW before you take a single step forward with your book project! THIS IS A MUST!!! You have to protect your interest in your book first and foremost.

Whether you already have a manuscript written or have always had a desire to tell your story, share your information, heighten your stature or a hundred other reasons why people want their books created, the desire to have a book written and published for the world to see is very common.

In fact millions of people, from work-at-home moms to CEOs of Fortune 500 companies to people in every sector of life, consider this a lifelong dream.

Even though this is one of the top 5 things people would like to do before they move on to wherever we move on to when we leave this life, most people never fulfill their dream of getting their books written.

Though some do, most of them never get to see their manuscripts become completed, printed quality books.

The reasons for this are many. But some of the main ones are:

  1. lack of knowledge on how to get this done
  2. the consideration that they can't afford it
  3. their manuscripts are not at the level of quality they need to be
  4. wrong steps were taken or correct steps completely left out
  5. fear of being ripped off by an unethical writer, editor, agent, publisher... stops them from moving forward.

It's interesting how these, and any one of the hundreds of other "reasons" for not accomplishing one's dream, sound perfectly legitimate; they make a lot of sense, don't they? But if we were to "listen" to every reason why we shouldn't get things done... we would never accomplish anything!

The truth is, we only shy away from things that we don't understand. Like that first time we went on a roller-coaster or tried something else as daunting, once we did it, it was never scary again.

And I'm certain that if we tried, we would all recall a few "reasons" why we "should not go on that roller-coaster," before we actually decided to get on board. Once we come to know the truth about things we no longer shy away from them, and rather enjoy them from there on out.

What if I were to tell you that it is quite easy to get your book professionally written in high quality, one that is a marketable product - once you know what to do?

What if I were to say that you have a 100% chance of getting your book published - once you learn what to do?

What if you were to realize that finding a good literary agent that is interested in your book is not as mysterious and difficult as everyone seems to think?

Let's take this a step further...

Wouldn't it be incredible if you had YOUR BOOK ON AMAZON.COM?

How about knowing exactly how to protect your material from being stolen before you register with the U.S. Copyright Office?

All of this is likely viewed as a pipe dream for most people; something that's left too much to chance, and far too overwhelming to even consider approaching.

Well before you go into agreement with any other "reasons" why you can't, let me tell you this...

It is MUCH easier to get a book written, published and made available to the
world than you ever imagined!


My name is Robert S. Nahas. I'm a professional book writer and president of Writer Services (tm).

I've written numerous books for myself and others, have coached aspiring writers all over the world to write their own books and have helped many get their books published and made available to millions of people.

First, let's get something perfectly clear so you don't have to wonder whether you're wasting your time reading this letter or you're actually about to completely improve the outcome potential of your book tenfold.

I'm NOT going make ridiculous promises that cannot be kept or tell you that you're going to be the next J.K. Rowling (the author of Harry Potter) just to get your hopes up and trick you into buying something.

In fact, I'm not going to ask you to BUY anything at all. I'm going to ask you to invest in your book's success and the success of your career as an author.

We buy things that we expect little return from, and we invest in things that we expect great returns on.

I'm going to do something that seems to be getting more and more scarce these days: I'm going to tell you the realistic truth. I'm going to show you how you can make sure that your book idea reaches its fullest potential for success.

I cannot begin to tell you just how many people I've encountered over the years who wanted to get a book written. But years go by and they just never come close to even starting. If they do, many give up on their dream and never finish what they started.

The truth is, most people NEVER achieve this lifelong dream. The sad part about this is...

...the "reasons" (better known as excuses) can be completely nullified once one learns just how simple and easy it is when there is a better understanding of the book-writing and publishing processes, knowing the potential pitfalls and the options that are available that make it all possible.

This is the reason why I have put together a package of the most practical and useful information that quickly shows you:







This package starts out with 3 of my straightforward, quick read, easy-to-understand books...

These 3 books cover what you need to know to succeed at getting your book written, making absolutely sure that it gets published and even shows you how to get an agent to represent you, if you decide from the information in the 3rd book that agents are worth their commission.


The first book, HOW TO GET YOUR BOOK PROFESSIONALLY WRITTEN: Know what to expect and how to make sure that YOUR book has the greatest potential of success ever possible!, removes the fear, apprehension, potential mistakes and worry out of the equation that can come with such an endeavor.

My book tells you so much information that is not available anywhere. And you get practical info that empowers you to make logical decisions that best suit your needs, desires and goals.

Take a look at just some of the things covered in this book:

  • How to find a true professional writer, one who is capable of writing a quality book for you.

  • How to spot the nonprofessional writer a mile away.

  • How to know which writer is perfect for YOUR book.

  • How much the book writing process should cost.

  • How to eliminate the drawbacks and potential downsides and ensure your book comes out right.

  • How the writing process works and what to expect.

  • The ways you can get your thoughts, ideas and information out of your mind and over to your writer.

  • How to know if your writer has done a great job.

  • What to do after the book has been written.

  • and much more!

Whether you have a burning desire to have a book written, have thought about a good book idea, or have a good story to tell, you should read this book to find out how you can get a book written even though you may not even be a writer.

How many people have told you..., "You should write a book about this!"? This is a very good sign that your story or information is in demand. Perhaps you haven't heard anything from others but know deep within yourself that you have a wonderful idea for a book.

Did you ever stop and wonder WHY you've been discouraged about getting your book written? Have you ever felt overwhelmed when thinking about doing it? You're not alone by any means. This is very common.

But it is ONLY common because there hasn't been any practical information made readily available. Think about it for a moment...

Something only "looks" difficult when we've never done it before. The back-off comes from not knowing what to do. It always feels so much better when you know what to expect, can recognize the pitfalls, ultimately possessing the feeling that you have a grip on things.

This one book, by itself, can save you thousands of dollars just from learning the information that I share with you. More importantly, you can save your dream from going up in smoke by making the wrong decision simply because you didn't know.

Once you have your book written, then what?
There are many important steps that you MUST correctly and systematically follow in order to bring your masterpiece to the world. My second book shows you how to publish your book safely, cost effectively and with confidence that you've made the best publishing decision.

Did you know that there are 6 different ways of publishing books? I let you in on them all. No one will likely ever tell you of the many different options available because of their personal interest in making money on only one of them. People will "let you in on" only the one that serves them financially and disregard any other options, though there is most likely a better one that aligns with your personal goals with your book. Or perhaps they simply do not know of the other 5 options.

This book shows you how to get your book published - no fail! A book only written is an unfinished dream. It's like having a prototype or a model of something that you want to make.

In this book, HOW TO GET YOUR BOOK PUBLISHED: Avoid the pitfalls, know your options and make the best publishing decisions possible for the success of your book!, I reveal all of the ways a book can be published, what they entail, their upsides and their drawbacks.

Likely, the most important thing you will learn is that YOU HAVE OPTIONS, and failure is not one of them! YOU WILL LEARN THAT YOU CAN ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY GET YOUR BOOK PUBLISHED.

And I show you how to avoid getting ripped off by printing companies that PRETEND to be traditional publishers in order to steal the profits that are actually supposed to be yours!

Here's some more of the information that you'll find in my "Publishing" book:

  • what the differences are between self-publishing and traditional publishing

  • what types of publishing options are available to you

  • what the pros and cons are in both traditional and self-publishing

  • what you need to do to prepare your book for the printer if you decide to self-publish

  • what the costs are for self-publishing

  • the type of "publisher" you should STAY CLEAR OF at all costs!

  • how to recognize the differences between bona-fide publishers and rip-off vanity presses in disguise

  • what responsibilities and obligations are still yours if you go the traditional publishing route

  • what you should expect when dealing with a traditional publisher

  • how to be able to decide which type of publishing is BEST for you, based on your goals

  • learn about a very important aspect of your book that will make the difference between being accepted in every store in America and not being accepted for sale in ALL of the major book chain stores and most other book outlets

  • how to avoid getting taken advantage of by pseudo-publishers

  • and so much more!

Literary agents are an integral part of the book sales and publishing world. Therefore you absolutely need to know about literary agents. My third book completes you as an author, one who knows what to do to make it in the literary world.

LITERARY AGENTS: SHOULD YOU HIRE ONE? Are they worth their weight in gold or a lead boot that holds you down? You decide!, educates you on exactly what agents should do for their clients. You'll know what to expect from them.

Also, just as there are unethical companies posing as publishers, there are ten times as many fake agents that can stop you in your tracks just when you're so close to fulfilling your book dream.

After reading this book you will know whether you need a literary agent or not. And you'll know how to spot the thieves.

Here's more of what you'll find in this book:

  • how much commission agents should get

  • exactly what to ask a potential agent when considering one for you

  • know when to hire one and when to run from one

  • realize the potential of what a GOOD agent can do for you

  • what to do to protect yourself from being stuck with a dud

  • how to choose the right agent for you

  • when to definitely not hire an agent

  • the one key question you can ask to make obvious the agent's true motives

  • how to know which type of agent will get the best results for you

  • whether it's best to choose an agent who has many successful clients or to look for something entirely different

  • and so much more!

This book, along with the other 2, will put you in the driver's seat and allow you to succeed with your dream! You'll be able to make educated decisions on what to do, what to avoid and, ultimately, enable you to become a successful author.

So What is Your Investment?
What would a book package that contains priceless information that can help you get your book professionally written while protecting your money be worth?

How much is it worth to learn how to be in control and ensure that your book comes out in high quality? What would it be worth if you could increase your book's greatest potential for success?

Before I tell you what you will be investing in this book package, let me first offer you some very special bonus gifts that are absolutely FREE just for investing in my books today!

My purpose for writing these books (and this letter) is to help as many individuals as possible achieve their dream of having their book professionally written and published with success.

Once I had finished these books I realized that there were other facets that, if you knew them, would increase your potential for a successful book and even a fulfilling career as an author even more.

So I decided to create these things for you and give them to you at no charge - at least for the time being, they are free.

Why are they free? Because my philosophy has been to offer things in abundance. It's as simple as that. And if I were to charge what these things are really worth, many people would not be able to afford them, and more individuals might fail miserably at their lifelong endeavor of having a book written and published.

Also, I wanted to create a situation where you would simply not be able to resist investing in this 3-book package. I've seen far too many folks have their book dreams squashed, one after another, simply and ONLY because they did not know how to protect their investment.

So here's what I have put together
that I would like to offer to you

if you invest in my 3 books today!

Please realize that I can only promise these gifts right here, right now. This is only because this is a very special limited offer that, simply put, may not be repeated.

This package WILL BE AVAILABLE UNTIL 12:00 MIDNIGHT tonight. That I can promise!

The first gift I have for you if you invest in my 3-book package right now
is a booklet that goes hand in glove with your endeavor.

What else could you possibly need to increase your success rate as an author? Well...

I thought of something that is the most common barrier of all for many folks - money. It costs money to do things in this world. And the more you have, the quicker you can get things done and the better quality you can attain - that's for certain.

This is a very powerful insider's secret...

There is funding available for aspiring book writers and authors.

Just the simple fact that money is available to authors and writers is hardly known by anyone. Where to find these sources offering monetary gifts is even more difficult to uncover.

If you feel that money is a barrier that is in the way of getting your book written or published, don't sweat it. I've resolved this for you too!

I have spent many hours creating...

A Compilation of Literary
Grants, Awards and Contests!


No matter what topic or genre (type of book, like nonfiction, fiction, poetry, science fiction, etc.) your book is in, there are funding resources listed in my compilation that you can contact for assistance.

I've also made it easier for you to find funding sources by creating an interactive Table of Contents. All you have to do is click your topic/category, and you are taken directly to that section in the list. With my compilation, it couldn't be easier to find funding for your book project.

You'd be likely to spend many hours trying to compile this data for yourself. And it's yours completely FREE of CHARGE as my gift to you for investing in my 3-book package today!

Most people think it is very difficult to get your book into the limelight for the world to see. This is not true.

I will show you how to put your book in the largest on-line book store in the world - - with my booklet, HOW TO GET YOUR BOOK ON AMAZON.COM! This is not a maybe or likely, or any other "probability." I will show you how to assuredly do this.

How do you protect your manuscript during the period where it's being worked on and is not ready to be registered with the US Copyright Office? There's a very simple way to do this for about $5 and just a few minutes of your time!

And I'm going to show you how in my booklet:


  • How can you protect your work when you send it to editors, proofreaders, printers and others so that no one steals your material?

  • Do you know when is the right time to copyright your book?

  • What happens if you register with the US Copyright Office too early in your project?

  • What if you make a change in your book after it's copyrighted?

These are VERY important issues that every author MUST know about, and more importantly, KNOW EXACTLY WHAT TO DO to protect their book dreams from being stolen or plagiarized.

My FREE booklet, HOW TO PROTECT YOUR MANUSCRIPT BEFORE IT'S OFFICIALLY REGISTERED WITH THE US COPYRIGHT OFFICE!, shows you exactly what you can, and should, do to protect yourself and your manuscripts. And the nice part of it is, what you need to do will only require you to invest a couple of bucks to get it done. Even better, you can do this all on your own!

Don't miss out on this VALUABLE information!


Also, I have decided to include something that will ensure that you are on the right track with your book idea...

I am offering a one-on-one consultation up to one full hour - which is minimally WORTH $250.00(US) - with one of my professional, highly-trained consultants ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE if you invest in my e-book package.

And if you get these e-books before the countdown clock below runs out, your consultation will be with yours truly! People have paid thousands of dollars to learn what I will personally share with you in this consultation.

0 days    0 hours    0  minutes   0 seconds

I want you to get the information that will protect you, empower you and give you the accurate information about your book endeavor. Avoid the pitfalls, do things properly, do the correct actions...and you will increase your chances for great success.

I won't be able to offer my personal consultation for long. As you might imagine, being the president of the world's largest literary services company, I've got a few responsibilities I have to tend to. So please take advantage of this incredible opportunity. You'll be very glad you did.

Realize that at any given moment, this section of this letter can be pulled from the page by my programmers, and my personal consultation will no longer be an option. This is not to knock my team of incredible literary specialists. My point is that rare opportunities only come around on occassion. So why not take advantage of this one while you can?

Your Investment for All of This
So you're probably wondering what your investment is for obtaining all of this useful information directly relating to getting your book professionally written and published and creating a successful career as an author.

Let's look at what this information could be worth - information that can:

  • save you from wasting thousands of dollars in costly mistakes

  • stop you from exhausting your ability to complete your project due to mistakes made ONLY because you simply did not know HOW to avoid them

  • allow you to create your book at a MUCH higher level of quality

  • ensure that your book will be a polished, marketable product that the world can willingly embrace

  • significantly cut down, or eradicate all together, the number of rejections from publishers and agents simply because "your book is not at the standard required by the literary world"

  • help you find funding for your project if you need it

  • save you from the heartache of having a book that is completely worthless, one that no one will want to read

  • and so very, very much more!

So what would all of this be worth to you? I think we can all agree that it would be PRICELESS.

Still, our society operates with money. And we need to place monetary value on things that we want to have. So what would you invest for this information?

Would investing $2,000 be worth it if you were to save yourself from losing your lifelong dream of having a book written and published? Of course it would! But this amount is not even close to what your investment is for this 3-book package.

Would it be worth $1000? Well, if it is worth $2,000, then I guess it would be worth much more than $1000. But we're still miles from what your investment is for this book package at this point in time.

Would it be worth $250? Yup! But you're not even going to invest that much.

In this special limited time promotion you are going to invest only $67.00 for my 3 e-books:

You get...

1. HOW TO GET YOUR BOOK PROFESSIONALLY WRITTEN: Know what to expect and how to make sure that YOUR book has the greatest potential of success ever possible! AND...

2. HOW TO GET YOUR BOOK PUBLISHED: Avoid the pitfalls, know your options and make the best publishing decisions possible for the success of your book! AND...

3. LITERARY AGENTS: SHOULD YOU HIRE ONE? Are they worth their weight in gold or a lead boot that holds you down? You decide!

AND you get...

...if you invest in my 3-book package right now, I will include these BONUS GIFTS absolutely FREE:




AND don't forget the one-on-one consultation! It's absolutely FREE as well!!

You are getting this
entire awesome package
filled with priceless information
that you NEED as an author
for a mere
$67.00 investment!

I want you to win at your book dream! And now you can have the straightforward, practical information that helps you obtain this.

And just as you'll rid yourself of so many stops and barriers to achieving your book goals by using my information, I've removed the price barrier for everyone by offering my complete package of information all for the very special low investment!

These books alone (without the bonuses) would cost you almost $160.00 if you were to go to my website and buy them. And THAT would be a smart investment with all that you'll learn from the material provided in these 3 books. BUT...

You're getting ALL 3 books WITH the 3 powerful BONUS GIFTS AND a ONE-ON-ONE CONSULY - all for just a $67.00 investment!

And to remove all the stops in making it even easier for you to get this valuable information, I am personally offering to you a 100% REFUNDABLE GUARANTEE:

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, I will refund you 100% of your purchase price.*

*Guarantee extends for 15 days from purchase date. No refunds after this period.

So now you even have the peace of mind of making a safe purchase and knowing that you're making a sound investment in every way possible.

(Instant downloadable e-books!)


The logical progression of getting a book written, learning of your publishing options and deciding whether you need a literary agent is laid out for you in my 3 straightforward books. This enables you to set yourself up for an ideal starting point in the success of your book by taking the right and necessary steps.

And then to get my powerful information that I provide to you in my FREE BONUS GIFTS on how to find funding as well as learning how to get your book onto the largest on-line bookstore in the world, you can start on your road to success with your book, whether your goals are to make a lot of money, become famous, simply have a book for your family's future generations... whatever your desired outcome might be.

Did you know that you're only ONE step away from becoming a published author? Though this may seem a bit shocking as you first contemplate such a reality, this is a true fact.

What is ONLY required is that you...



You may daydream, picturing your book in your mind. You likely see it, and imagine it has a stunning cover. Most people further this dream by envisioning their book in the hands of others, forwarding their story or information to the world.

The amazing thing about this dream is, IT IS COMPLETELY REAL THAT YOUR BOOK CAN BE CREATED; it just takes a little knowledge to accomplish this!

Take that all-important step:
decide to make your book idea a reailty!




Let's recap exactly what you're getting if you invest in my 3-book package today:

1. I'm offering you my 3 e-books that can make the difference between the success or failure of...

  • ever getting your book professionally written; a book that is properly written so that it can actually be distributed and sold to the world and

  • ever getting your book published.

2. I've made this affordable for EVERYONE, and you can get this valuable information right away through an instant download!

3. And I've put together other essential information (how to find book funding sources, how to protect your work and how to get your book on that gives you the well-rounded information you need that fortifies your chances of great success with your book for its publication and even fame and fortune, if you so choose to make such achievements.

In all...

I have put together what is likely the best collection of information, resources and solutions ever offered!

PLEASE! Don't pass up this offer! Even if you yourself may not need this information, you MUST know of someone who does. Buy it as a gift, buy it for yourself... but buy it now as this offer may not be here tomorrow. Get this wonderful package of information all for a smart investment of only $97.00!

(Instant download)

Thank you for spending your valuable time reading my letter.


Robert S. Nahas
President - Writer Services (TM)


PS - The mysterious world of book writing and publishing is a difficult route to travel. But this is ONLY true if you don't know how to get things done the way they're supposed to be done.

I am going to make a promise to you right here, right now - IN WRITING...

If you buy my book package, I will show you exactly how to get your book written so that it is a professional, saleable, product; and that you will know exactly how to make absolutely sure that your book gets published; and if you do get your book written and published...


Perhaps you would like to hire a writer to write your book. Or you need to find someone to mentor you in helping you to complete your book. Maybe you need someone to rewrite what you have written to make it more marketable. But if you're like most people, you simply don't know how to even get started.

Maybe you already have a manuscript written but don't know what to do next. You may have already tried to find a literary agent to represent you or a publisher that would buy your book rights. But if you're like most authors, you fell flat on your face. You might even firmly believe - through your own experience - that it is almost impossible to find an agent who will represent you or even more difficult, get a book published.

Perhaps you have not actually tried yet but figure it is going to be an uphill battle. Well I'm here to personally tell you this...

There is now a real solution for getting your book written and published while ensuring you're making the BEST decisions for your career and your personal goals with your book! And you'll be able to avoid the MANY pitfalls that exist with such an endeavor.

Be sure to get my book package of valuable information, get it while I am offering this special introductory rate. A $67 investment can be priceless in saving you thousands of dollars. It can also help ensure that your book dream becomes the reality that YOU envision!

Don't lose this opportunity to get this unique complete package of information. Invest in it now and become a savvy author!

"I was ready just a few days away from locking myself into a trap with a vanity press. They would have taken 80% of MY royalties - and this was after I was going to pay them to produce my book! Robert, you saved my book dream from complete disaster. THANK YOU!!! "
- Sam S.







"I'm sooo glad I got this info under my belt BEFORE starting on my book project." - Lori R.






"I've been waiting so many years to see my book in print. Now it's a reality! I would have done this a long time ago if I had known what to do back then like I do now." - Tom C.






"I'm ready for my next book. I never thought I'd even get my first written." - Dave E.







"With what I've learned from Robert's book, getting my book written will be a piece of cake." - John D.





"I recommend this book package to anyone who wants their own book created. No matter whether you've written yours yourself or need to hire a pro... you need to know this pertinent information to protect yourself and your dream."
- Lewis J.









































































































Copyright 2006-2012 by Robert S. Nahas. All Rights Reserved.