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Press releases are one of the most powerful ways of getting your message out in volume. Unlike advertisements, press releases do not cost you money to place them!

If written correctly, a press release can appear in the largest, most powerful publications on the planet yet press releases are the least used of all promotional tools.

Experience is Key
Robert Nahas' experience in writing and submitting press releases is extensive and spans almost 25 years. He knows how to influence editors into printing each press release he writes and gains more column space to provide ample information to the public about the companies he writes for and their products.

As you might imagine, thousands of press releases are submitted every day and editors toss them into the waste basket in droves. Mr. Nahas' knowledge of exactly WHO to contact and WHAT to write to them is also a crucial factor in getting his press releases accepted by most publications, especially the larger, more important ones.

The Whole Story
obert S. Nahas writes effective and powerful press releases that get RESULTS. Typical press releases are chopped down to "bare bones" information by magazine and newspaper editors. But in almost every case, Mr. Nahas' press releases are printed verbatim (word-for-word) as editors appreciate his exceptional writing skills and his innate ability to make his press releases interesting to the publication's readers.

Take advantage of Robert Nahas' powerful writing ability in making your product / service known to YOUR audience and REAP GREAT RETURNS!

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