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Your Company Pulls in!

"Thanks Robert, your a gem in a sea of incompetence... so many out there don't know what they are doing, its refreshing to work with someone who does. " -- Kathi Kilburn-Bruce, Designer

"You've done it again, my marketing GURU!"  -- Sonny Khoeblal, Musician

Knowing what your public wants takes the "guesswork" out of promotion.

Understanding how to get others to respond brings certainty and confidence into the area.

Having the ability to conduct and orchestrate exactly what needs to be done increases the survival level of the group exponentially.

Answer this one question...
"Do you have as much business coming in on a regular basis as you want?"

If you had the slightest amount of apprehension in your answer, you need to of Writer Services (TM) regarding your promotion and marketing needs!

A Quarter of a Century of Experience!
Robert S. Nahas has 25 years of business experience in running and owning 7 companies in retail, manufacturing and literary services. He ran the Promoting & Marketing and PR areas of all of these companies for both "brick and mortar" (physical world) and on-line realms with great success.

There is no experience like hands-on life experience where one MUST do well in order to survive. Robert S. Nahas' extensive business background and writing experience makes for a unique and powerful promotion and marketing experience as a result.

Whether there is "never enough money left for promo" or you're just not bringing in as much business as you know you should be, Robert S. Nahas can help you get "on par" with your business through...

  • coming to know and understand who exactly your paying public is
  • creating the best promotional concepts to send to YOUR public
  • doing the correct actions at the right time
  • the most effective sales copy to get the maximum response.

Whether you require Promotion & Marketing services or need an expert to take charge of and guide your existing P&M department, Robert S. Nahas is the one you want for getting results!

Gain full advantage of the power of Marketing...

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Effective Promotion & Marketing
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