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"Are You Cashing in on This
Modern Day Gold Rush?"

For the past 20 years, companies have been attempting to harness the true power of the Internet. Let's face it, with the Earth's population potentially just a click away from visiting, there's no mystery that it's the Holy Grail for the business world.

This new frontier parallels the California Gold Rush of 1848. On a cold, clear morning in January, gold nuggets were discovered near Sacramento. This began one of the largest migrations in history as people from around the world descended upon California in search of great wealth.

But interestingly enough, though there was gold in them there hills, the majority of venturers never got to reap the benefits that were right under their noses. Many died in poverty and famine but there were some who became extremely rich from this new endeavor.

In today's Gold Rush, it is no secret that approximately 95% of all Web sites on the Internet are failing miserably, 2% are treading water (breaking even), while 3% are EXTREMELY successful and their owners have become VERY wealthy.

The Cause of Many Failures
It is a human trait to copy the way others do things when we, ourselves, don't know how to do something. Going to the Health Club for the first time, we will peer out to the side to see how the heck you're supposed to lift those dumbbells. At the grocery store, we begin to squeeze, sniff and tap the fruits and vegetables because that's what we see someone else do.

Sometimes we get lucky and witness someone doing something correctly, but most of the time we "learn" the wrong way to do things from these "copycat" means. We find the majority "doing things the wrong way" mainly because we end up in a vicious circle of observation with no real technology on how to correctly do something. This phenomenon could be coined Viral Learning - a spreading of incorrect doingness from one person to another, to another, to another. And just the same...

The Common Denominator of Internet Failure
The common denominator (what everybody is doing) of the Internet has been INEFFECTIVE WEB SITES. The common practices of creating Web sites have simply been copied and spread from one, to another to another. Thus we have the majority failing with it.

So there is one conclusion that you can make about your company's Web site right here and now...


The fact still remains that 3% are bringing in millions of dollars and it confirms that there IS a correct way to create Web sites.

So one relevant question that should be asked is, "What is being done wrong?" Another key question to ask is, "What are the extremely successful one's doing right?" And the $64,000 questions is, "How do we create a Web site where sales, promotion and marketing actually work?"

The Greatest Secret You
Can Know About the Internet

There are a number of factors that must be met for a Web site to profit, but there is one most important, vital, unrelentless, major, crucial factor that supersedes all others...

The key ingredient is COMMUNICATION!

There is a particular way which communication needs to occur on a Web site in order to sell a product or service in volume.

The All Encompassing Solution
Robert S. Nahas has an extensive business and Web site design and copy writing background and knows the differences between brick-and-mortar business and Internet Business in what works and what doesn't. He offers his services to businesses of many types from small companies to Fortune 500 companies. Handle your sluggish Web site with an expert that knows what to do.

The Internet dwarfs the California Gold Rush in comparison. Its boundaries are not limited to one state but involves the entire planet. And the real potential of what can be acquired is mind boggling to say the least. Gain full advantage of the power of the Internet...

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