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Do you want a book written to tell the world about something? If you're not going to write it youreslf withing the next 10 months then you need to find a professional writer who can write it for you.

Learn about the book-writing process and ensure that your book dream becomes a wonderful reality, not a living nightmare. DON'T even consider starting your book without first getting the valuable informaiton provided in this book - information that can save you from almost certain failure. LEARN MORE>>>





Did you know that you have options? Learn about ALL of the ways books are being published today. You'll be able to make the BEST decision for you and your goals. INCREASE YOUR CHANCES FOR SUCCESS WITH YOUR BOOK by reading this straightforward, easy-to-read book.

Know your options BEFORE you make a move with your book. Learn about advances and royalties; what you should expect from publishers; what types of publishers there are, which are ethical and which you should stay away from; become aware of companies that WILL take your money and steal your future profits... and MUCH more! LEARN MORE>>>

$29.90 $19.90


Is a literary agent right for you?
What can they really do for your career? Are they a good thing or a bad idea? Get the truth on agents and decide for yourself.

Learn how you can make sure you're getting the most from your career. Find out what agents actually do for their clients. Become impenitrable to the many fakes out there who claim to want to work for your best interest but have a very different agenda in store for unwary authors. Don't get caught in their trap.

Decide for yourself whether you should have an agent. It's all in this book! LEARN MORE>>>


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Any one of these books will increase your success potential. But as these three areas (manuscript, agent and publishing) are so significant in the outcome of your career and your book, it is necessary to know all of your options for making the best decisions in achieving your dream. You need to become aware of the dangerous and common pitfalls that can destroy your dream. You must understand what needs to be done for increasing your success rate.

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All of these books, as a combined whole, are designed to give you the information that you MUST know, in straightforward, easy-to-understand fashion. With this information you will be able to protect yourself from predators who seek out unsuspecting authors and ultimately destroy their dreams, not to mention ripping them off financially.

By learning all of this information you can save yourself from throwing
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Learn how to succeed as an author with these 3
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